Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lesbian Kama Sutra Tantra

Lilly and Rose, the founders of LKS, are well aware of the lack of non-exploitative Lesbian Erotica available to women. It is with this knowledge and a desire to produce high-quality female erotica that can be viewed by women, without any feelings of shame that Lesbian Kama Sutra was born.

We are not pornographers, lesbiankamasutra.com is a high quality sex site for lesbians and we are in no way interested in competing with the heterosexual pornographic industry or web sites. We hope to create a lesbian feminist alternative, a Sapph-ornographic site. The alternative we offer you shows lesbians performing sex as lovers and not actors. We do not intend to be exploitative or abusive. We have developed material that we hope is in no way offensive."

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How can Tantra be lesbian? We have developed Tantric lesbian love or lesbiankamasutra tantra, different from the hetero sexual Tantra. We have lesbian interpretations of tantric philosophies and meditations. We have concocted our own idiosyncratic meditations and exercises. We have taken a tiny aspect of the Tantra teachings as a tool to aid self-knowledge, especially the aspects dedicated to the body and the unburdening of conditioned reflexes so that we can learn the Tantric methods for ourselves and benefit from it as lesbians.
Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that predates many of the worlds established religions. Although strands have emerged within established religious doctrines it is not itself a religion, as it requires no prior belief, but simply a willingness to investigate.

The earliest teachers of Tantra were often women, especially those who earned their livelihood as washer women (dombi) and other women from lower castes. One such guru was 'Lady in Saffron' who was a coconut vendor and apparently an accomplished Tantric adept. Tantra is a method of investigation, it is a way of living that helps us to open our hearts and minds and celebrate the whole of life.Tantra is essentially the marriage of energy and consciousness. The heterosexual Tantric symbol is of Yab Yum: A picture of a male and female deity in divine sexual embrace, which represents the union of pure energy, the female deity or goddess, with pure consciousness, the male deity or god. We have decided to invent a lesbian Tantric symbol Yum Yum: A picture of two female deities in a cosmic spiritual sexual embrace, which represents the union of pure energy with pure consciousness.


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